Improved Safety

Improved Safety

  • Tamper proof; (ESP) fittings are designed as a permanent joint. Risk of fire or explosion due to hot work is eliminated.
  • No fumes or smoke are produced, eliminating the need for special ventilation and creating a safer environment particularly in confined spaces.
  • No brazing is required thus reducing the potential for injuries.
  • Fabrication of piping systems utilizing (ESP) fittings are intrinsically safe since no torches, open flames or sparks are associated with installation or maintenance.

Improved quality

  • Install and inspect marks provide post-installation quality control through visual verification of installers work.
    Joint reliability is & "machined into" and not reliant on the skill or touch of the welder / brazer.
  • Redundant metal-to-metal seals produce a gas-tight connection that is safe for services in fire hazardous areas and systems.
  • The seals will not melt or degrade during fire. Installation is a "cold work" process thus eliminating the heat affected zone and the deteriorated metallurgical properties associated with such zones. Rework is drastically reduced or eliminated.

Increased Productivity

  • Installation times are a fraction of that required by conventional methods.
  • No hot work means no fire watches and no disruption from events that may stop hot work.
  • Fittings may be installed in a system that is not or cannot be thoroughly drained or shut off.
  • Minimum training and qualification requirements reduce time off of the job and training costs.
  • Purge requirements from brazing are completely eliminated. Inter-trade disruption is reduced.
  • Damages to surrounding wiring, tile, equipment and painted surfaces are eliminated. Reduced installation times result in schedule flexibility.

Improved Productivity and Job Scheduling

  • (ESP) fittings can be consistently installed in the field at a rate of approximately 10 times faster than equivalent Braized connections.
  • (ESP) fittings can be installed underground, reduce downtime of underground repairs or installations with all the benefits of our fittings.
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces welding-related costs such as hot work permits, Hospital downtime. Eliminates the need to purge lines as required for hot work.

Repeatable, Reliable Connections

  • The (ESP) system requires only a minimum of skill to install and maintain a leak-free system the first time.
  • The quality of the system is “designed into” the fitting - independent of the installer.
  • Your authorized LOKRING representative, LOKRING Technology, and our Limited Lifetime Warranty stand behind every LOKRING connection.

Easy Access - Closed Space Pipe Runs

  • Compact, lightweight hydraulic installation tools require only one-plane of access on fitting application.
    Closely spaced pipe runs can be fabricated or repaired using (ESP) fittings. A 2” NPS pipe can be run on as little as 3 1/2 " centers.

Low Rework - Less than 0.1%

  • Repair with (ESP) through-bore designs are as simple as cut, slip fitting over pipe, and Install!
  • Historical rework rates for (ESP) fittings are less than 0.1% of all installations.
  • Zero contamination in the tube or pipe connections eliminates the need for blast purging piping system

Large Project Benefits

  • Use of our (ESP) fittings on large projects will substantially reduce your carbon footprint.
  • It will make searching for and repairing leaks fundamentally a thing of the past.
  • Worries of copper oxides are alleviated because there is no high temperature brazing.
  • Particulate matter will no longer be an issue due to the quick coupling of two pipe ends once the shipping plugs or caps are removed.
  • Hauling around heave bottles of nitrogen, acetylene and oxygen, as well as setting up nitrogen purge is eliminated.
  • No need to purchase equipment or have an employee continuously monitor nitrogen purge and alert the person doing the brazing if nitrogen is low. (This is a requirement by CAN/CSA Z7396.1-09).
  • Risk of burn related injuries directly related to piping heated to over 700 deg C that can easily cause first degree burns will no longer be a concern.

Emergency Repair Benefits

  • Lightweight equipment when compared to everything needed to braze a joint.
  • One convenient wheeled carry case transports easily in any vehicle.
  • Simply assess the situation, determent fittings and extra pipe if needed, and take action.
  • No dangerous copper oxides formed due to brazing without nitrogen purge.
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